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Keep your equipment protected

Your basement is home to the furnace, coolers and other precious HVAC equipment that are normally installed once in a lifetime along with regular maintenance checks due to their significant costs. There are professional waterproofing contractors such as Foundation Repair Northern Virginia which have a team of basement waterproofing specialists who can keep your equipment protected from leaks for a good period! They can do three basic lines of defense for their customers’ basement waterproofing, including surface drainage, subsurface drainage, and waterproofing on the wall surface.

Ask professionals for advice

If you have moisture problems in your basement you need to address those issues before you begin the renovation, otherwise, the moisture in its many forms will ultimately destroy any renovated basement and the valuable possessions within. Allow experts to check your foundation walls and floor, and repair any cracks or other issues that may be contributing to the problem. If you have water in your basement, call Apex Waterproofing today for an in-home, no obligation inspection, and renovation estimate. They are located in Woodbridge and serve homes and businesses across northern Virginia. Let them help you protect your property before it’s too late.

Make move into XXI Century

The professional basement waterproofing repair experts from Foundation Repair Northern Virginia will establish the correct method of moisture control in your crawl spaces and dispel the old, obsolete theories and guidelines regarding crawl space ventilation, underfloor insulation, and moisture control. The XXI Century is time for the construction industry to move into this Century as well. Companies like Apex Waterproofing can help in this field. Innovations and new technological advances in construction, foundations, and basement waterproofing have spread to these same advances in crawl space waterproofing and moisture control.

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