3 Common Repercussions Associated With Auto Insurance In Tulsa OK

There are hefty repercussions in the state of Oklahoma associated with the lack of automobile insurance. According to the law, drivers must possess coverage that equates to $25,000 per injury with a maximum of $50,000 and coverage for property damage is $25,000. To evaluate these requirements, the right coverage for you, and the potential risk of legal action, you should discuss Auto Insurance in Tulsa OK with a carrier today.

The Repercussion of Non-compliance:
1. Litigation: If you do not maintain adequate coverage for your automobile, you could face litigation in the event of an accident. As a fault state, Oklahoma courts can assign fault after a laws enforcement officer evaluates the circumstances of the accident. Unless you can prove that the other driver or drivers shared this fault, you will suffer the blunt of the entire expense associated with the victim’s injuries and their property damage costs. This could equate up to several thousand dollars.

2. Administrative Action: The DMV is now allowed to report any cancellations of insurance policies to the court. When this occurs, the Department of Motor Vehicles has the right to issue a citation for no-insurance. This will suspend your driver’s license, issue a fine up to $300, and suspend your vehicle registration. However, if you provide the department with an updated copy of your insurance policy, they will cancel the citation.

3. Court Assigned Fines: At any time that an officer stops you, it is necessary for you to provide proof of insurance. If you are unable to provide proof, the officer issues a citation for no insurance. The fines that are assigned to this offense is based on the number of previous convictions in which you have received. Your record of previous offenses determines the fine you will pay and the duration of suspensions you will receive.

By fulfilling your obligations in terms of Auto Insurance in Tulsa OK today, you can avoid the above repercussions. You could also prevent a spike in your insurance premiums, and prevent the likelihood of a lawsuit. If you need to purchase insurance, you can find out more here today.

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