3 Important Questions to Ask a Residential Roofing Contractor

A roof shields the interior from the harsh weather conditions found outside. It also protects the exterior of the house, adds to the aesthetic beauty and preserves the structural integrity of the building. It is therefore important to give careful consideration to the process of roof installation. Most people think about details like the roof type, cost, design and the length of time that the project will take. They consequently leave out the tiny details that in the long run, determine the durability of the roof. Here are a few of the details that you should ask about from the Residential Roofing Contractor.

How much maintenance will the roof type and material need?

Some roofing materials are extremely beautiful and wonderful to have on your building. But, they come with a heavy cost of maintenance. For instance, materials that are made from wood have to get regular and highly sophisticated maintenance routines to keep rotting at bay. By the end of the day, maintaining this roof becomes costlier than installing it.

How will the water from the roof drain off?

When choosing a roofing style, do not go with what is fashionable. Let the contractor help you choose between a roofing style that is both attractive and practical. This will help you avoid having a roof where water pools on top and encourages growth of mold. Also, let the contractor explain if they install drainage support structures such as gutters so that the walls and the basement will not be affected by rainwater damage.

How protected are the walls and patio

If your walls are whitewashed, you will need to make sure that rainwater doesn’t interfere with the paint. Ask the roofers if they install awnings to protect these surfaces. Also, ensure that you choose a roofing style that gives maximum protection to the walls of the building and the basement.

Ask about whether the roof is a good insulator as this will save you money on the heating cost. The Residential Roofing Contractor should also let you know if the roof can harvest good quality water or not. For answers to these questions contact the Roofing Moose through their website, Roofingmoose.com.

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