3 Key Benefits of Dead Sea Bath Salts

The Dead Sea in Israel is one of the world’s saltiest waters, which makes it difficult for plants and animals to live there (hence the name). But the large concentrations of salts and minerals in the Dead Sea are also beneficial to health and well-being, especially when used in bath salts. Are you deciding whether or not to buy Dead Sea bath salts to use as part of your health and beauty routine? Here is some information that might help you!

High Mineral Concentrations

The wide range of minerals is one common reason people choose to buy Dead Sea bath salts. For example, they contain magnesium that helps promote skin healing, bromide that soothes muscles and helps the body to relax, and sulfur that is a natural disinfectant. These bath salts also contain iodine, potassium, calcium, sodium, and zinc.

Improves Your Skin

Many people decide to buy Dead Sea bath salts because of their beneficial effects on the skin. For example, many studies have demonstrated the benefits of Dead Sea salts on psoriasis, a common skin condition. One study published in the Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology in 1997 found that Dead Sea salts were significantly more effective than common salt. The zinc in Dead Sea salts is also great to soothe and treat sunburn.

Gentle Treatment

Many people with sensitive skin have trouble finding a skin product that is right for them. But Dead Sea bath salts are 100% natural and very-well tolerated by people with very sensitive skin. Likewise, some people find massage treatments too painful, but a Dead Sea salt bath will help your muscles relax without causing any pain.

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