3 Signs It’s Time to Replace Car Batteries in Mystic

Batteries tend to be a mystery to most drivers. Because batteries provide a power source to the vehicle, they are an important part the system that keeps a vehicle running efficiently. So how can a driver know that it is time to replace the battery in his or her vehicle? Here are three things to keep an eye on.

Car Doesn’t Start

If a car doesn’t start, the first assumption is always that that battery is dead. The clicking noise usually means that the car is working hard to start but it can’t because of the lack of power. It makes sense to jumpstart the car and test the battery. In some cases, it could be that the battery is to blame. However, in some cases, if the battery tests come back okay, it could be the starter.

Battery Leaks

Every once in a while, drivers should pop the hood and check on the overall condition of the battery. The fluid that leaks out of a battery is acid and it is a potential hazard not only to the battery but also the other parts of the vehicle. It is still possible for the battery to function but it may not be up to par and it could be causing more damage than a driver realizes. In this situation, replacing the battery is the best option. Check out Bumper to Bumper for replacement car Batteries in Mystic.


Batteries in Mystic aren’t built to last forever. While there are varying reports on the life of a car battery, they tend to range somewhere from two to five years depending on the type of battery, the climate in which it is operated, and the distance in which a person consistently drives. Certain batteries tend to last longer than others. Climates with extreme hot or cold temperatures can also affect the life of a battery. Also, if a person uses a vehicle for shorter trips frequently, it doesn’t give the battery enough time to recharge. This can also decrease the life expectancy of car Batteries in Mystic.

It is important to note that if after replacing the battery the vehicle continues to run into problems starting, this is a sign that something else is wrong with the vehicle. In these situations, it is best to take it into a service shop and have a technician take a look.

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