3 Things to Ask Your Divorce Lawyer in Villa Rica, GA

Getting a divorce is generally much more involved and stressful for couples with children. You are left to wonder where your kids are going to spend their weekends, how far away you are willing to be from them, and most importantly, how it will affect them. These are all questions that you can ask your Divorce Lawyer in Villa Rica GA.

How Do You Get Custody of Them?

If you have children and are seeking the help of a divorce lawyer, you are probably most concerned about the custody of the children. Where will it fall? Are you going to be seen as a fit parent for them? What if you are not granted sole custody? Your divorce lawyer will walk you through what to say in the courtroom and make sure you are prepared to give convincing reasons for your case.

How Often Will They See the Spouse?

If you are awarded sole custody, one of the big questions will be how frequent the visits to your spouse have to be. The typical time frame is about one or two weekends a month. If you feel like you would like even less than this, feel free to fight for it. However, it is always important to remember to put aside personal feelings for your soon-to-be ex spouse and remember your children need both parents in their lives.

How Can You Make This the Most Fair for Them?

Divorce can hit children extremely hard. They often blame themselves or feel hatred towards one or both parents for leaving each other. If children are involved, it is most important to base the entire divorce around them. Make sure they know they are not at fault and that they will often have the choice of where they would like to spend the majority of their time.

While divorce is a stressful time for each and every member of any family, it is important to remember that above all, you are still part of a family. You need to put your children first. Make sure to ask your Divorce Lawyer in Villa Rico GA, about all the steps to take to ensure a stress-free transition for your children. If you have any questions, contact Visit Daniel M. Barnes and Associates.

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