4 Checklist Items For A Building Inspection In Chicago

Illinois property inspectors are required to evaluate each location to determine whether it meets code requirements. An inspection is carried out as the property is constructed at different stages of development. This prevents property buyers from acquiring a home with significant structural issues that could present risks to them and their families. If you require a Building Inspection in Chicago now, you should schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Some of the items that will need to be checked include:


According to building code requirements for Illinois, the foundation elevation should not exceed twelve inches and should sit at least two percent above the street gutters. The foundation should be structurally sound and possess footing that matches the depth and dimensions outlined in the county building codes. The specifications for the foundation cover the vertical steel grade, horizontal steel laps, and clearances. Additionally, the inspector should acquire an elevation certification if the property is situated in a known flood zone.

Exterior Weatherproofing

Weatherproofing is required for siding on all sides of the property and the roof covering. The exterior of the property should also be sealed to prevent damage due to the weather. The only exception is that the inspection occurred prior to the complete installation of the electrical system.

Frame Inspection

The frame inspection should be completed only after the sub trades are complete as well as the plumbing, electrical, and any mechanical features of the property. The builder is not allowed to proceed with the construction efforts until after this inspection is complete.

Safety Devices

According to safety requirements, a smoke detector should be placed on each floor of the building, in every bedroom, and basements. Carbon monoxide alarms are placed within all areas in which the occupants are sleeping. They should also be placed nearby any appliances that utilize gas.

A Building Inspection in Chicago is utilized to ensure the safety of the occupants. The process begins at different phases of the construction process. The contractors are required to obtain permits for all buildings constructed. To maintain their license as a builder, they are required to schedule an inspection at each project milestone as outlined by the building code inspector.

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