4 Important Aspects of a Furnace Repair Process

Furnaces are known to be both durable and low maintenance. However, occasional hitches can lead to the need for repairs or replacement. This all depends on how long the units have been used and the maintenance they’ve been getting. Checking your equipment regularly is important as it helps one be able to catch issues before they turn to huge, costly problems. Whether you installed oil and gas furnace, below are the most common problems that could need Furnace Repair:

Failed control shut-offs

Control shut-offs are meant to stop gas flow when there is a leak. However, they could fail without your knowledge. One can smell gas when it’s leaking as the odor will fill the house. If you sense such a smell, it is advisable not to put on the lights in the house. You should call in a technician for emergency repair immediately.

Faulty thermocouple

If the thermocouple is not working, then start by resetting it. If it has completely failed, call in a technician to replace it with a new one. This will lead to better functioning and effective control of the heat. You will have access to the thermocouple which is located at the front of the furnace. A technician can tell when it’s functioning well or when it is not.

Faulty pilot light

This happens very often and especially when winter kicks in. The furnace has been in hibernation and so it might not work well and especially the pilot light. You will need some troubleshooting to keep it going. The light can go out when there are huge drafts. You can use the manufacturer’s instructions to turn the light on. If the flame does not stay lit, then the opening may be clogged.

Electrical components

These are the most likely to cause problems in a furnace. This kind of problems require expertise to make sure that these components are functioning well. Shut off switches and breakers will need to be checked. Sometimes you may call in a service provider just because they are off, and you are not aware. Make sure they are on before claiming the furnace is not working.




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