4 Reasons to Abandon Your Static Ads for Something More

For years, static billboards have lined interstates and highways, drawing the eyes of travelers and commuters alike. However, 2018 brings new challenges and expectations within the realm of advertisement, and a still image may no longer be the most enticing form of client engagement. If you’re looking for an excuse to upgrade your current advertisement scheme, read on to find four reasons why you should forget about your static billboards and instead utilize a digital video billboard to advertise your business.

1. The incredible advantages of LED displays, a few of which are catalogued by the Houston Chronicle, include the ability to bring brightness and color to your ads that you’ve never seen before. As a result, it’s easy to reap the rewards of these vibrant displays.

2. By utilizing a video ad, your business will be able to convey its message to potential customers in an innovative and engaging manner. What’s so important about videos, in particular? The use of video allows the implementation of nonverbal communication such as body language, a powerful tool to utilize when conveying your message and engaging your audience.

3. In an economy dominated by the latest in technology, what better way to stay ahead of the game than to advertise with a bold statement? The use of a digital video billboard will not only attract wandering eyes, but it will also demonstrate your business’s commitment to staying on top of the latest advances in technology. In a world developing more quickly than most businesses can grow, a modern billboard is one of the easiest ways to stay fresh.

4. The differences between static billboards and digital billboards are visually astounding—a drive down the interstate won’t last long before you are plagued with the presence of a static billboard that hasn’t been changed in much too long. A sun-damaged, bleached coloration billboard bordered with an edge of peeling and tears is the last thing a potential customer wants to see in a savvy, up-and-coming business.

It’s easy to see why a digital video billboard is superior to static advertisement with reasons like these in mind; your own business is sure to find many more as soon as it makes the switch!

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