4 Reminders Before Hiring a Legal Translation Service

As technology makes workplaces global these days, there’s an urgent need to reach out to diverse markets. This has driven the need and demand for legal translation services high in the market. Here are a few tips to help you find the right company to handle your translations for you:

Key Considerations

Experience in the target and source languages should be on the top of your list, the Law Practice Today says. Industry experience is also relevant since it ensures the translator knows the context, allowing him/her to provide you with accurate results. In addition, translators with legal knowledge and expertise will be familiar with the legal terms and their respective meanings. This will reduce spelling mistakes and improve their speed and efficiency.

Language Experience

Most people go for native-language speakers in this regard. However, just because someone speaks the language shouldn’t be your sole basis for hiring a translator. Look for language credentials and experience. That’s a more telling sign of whether the translator is qualified to get the work done or not.


References are also a good way to find out if you’re hiring the right team for your translations or not. By requesting for a list of references and checking them out, you can easily find out if you’re on the right hiring path or if you need to start looking elsewhere. Be sure to ask those references about their working experience with the translation service in question. Was it a positive one? What kind of problems did they run into? Would they work with the company again?

Trial Runs

Try out the company with a small project. If they do not perform well with that project, then just walk away and hire another one. If the results turn out well, though, you might consider giving them more and more projects to see just how much volume they can handle. If that keeps up, you’ll have a go-to legal translation service in no time.

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