4 Signs You Were Sold A “Lemon” Vehicle

If you were sold a “lemon”, you have more rights than you might have thought. A lemon is a car that was sold by the dealer that was not as they represented it. This means you were lied to and have legal recourse. That is why it is vital to understand the four signs that you have been duped and sold a lemon:

The Engine Doesn’t Turn Over

If your car all of sudden has issues turning over soon after you bought it, there is a good chance something deeper is wrong. It could be the ignition, the spark plugs, or the circuits. Either way, this should have been revealed to you.

Leaks Under the Car

In warm climates, running the AC will cause some water to evaporate and appear under the car. However, if you have oil or transmission fluids leaking, then the car is not in great condition and could be classified as a lemon.

The Odometer is Out of Order

Shady car dealers will alter the odometer sometimes. If yours doesn’t work, it might not just be from a failure in part. It could reveal purposeful deceit.

Diagnostics Reveal Fatal Errors

Sometimes, only a diagnostic test can reveal errors. Go to your mechanic. Have them run such a test to see if errors show up that you weren’t told about.

When it comes to buying a car, it can be a difficult process as it is. The last thing you want after you are done negotiating a deal on your car is to find out that it doesn’t even work. That is why lemon laws are in place, and a California lemon law attorney can help you get the justice you need to get compensated for the issues above.

California Lemon Law attorneys at Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law CenterĀ® to get the representation you deserve today.

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