4 Things to Ask When Evaluating Criminal Defense Attorneys in Bellingham WA

When a person is accused of a criminal offense, they are in a hurry to find a defense lawyer. Many hire an attorney out of a sense of desperation but hiring the first lawyer who answers the phone can be a mistake. Before choosing Criminal Defense Attorneys in Bellingham WA, clients should ask the five questions below.
How Long Has the Firm Been in the Area?

Regardless of where the offense occurred or where the client lives, they should find out how long a particular lawyer has been in the area. It’s likely that a defendant will encounter lawyers from all over the state, and that’s normal. However, a client should choose an attorney who knows the local court, its staff, and the prosecutor.
How Much of the Practice is Devoted to Criminal Law?

Some firms provide a variety of services, but those facing charges should hire a lawyer with a focus on criminal law. The state’s laws are detailed and complicated, and a lawyer who practices in another legal area may not be the ideal choice for a criminal defendant.

How Can the Firm Help the Case?

If a lawyer promises a guaranteed outcome, the potential client should consider hiring another attorney. A reliable lawyer will not promise a particular resolution, but they will explain all potential outcomes, and they will build the most strategic defense possible. A local lawyer knows the state’s laws, and they can work within those laws to help clients achieve the most desirable results.

What are the Rates?

As with other things in life, a person gets what they pay for when they hire an attorney. That is not to say the most costly lawyer is the best; rather, a client should find Criminal Defense Attorneys in Bellingham WA who have the reputation and experience to justify the higher cost.

It is rarely a person’s best moment when they face criminal charges, and the thought of going to prison can be frightening. While no lawyer can guarantee that a client will stay out of jail, a competent defense attorney with The Law Offices of Michael K. Tasker will use the law to the client’s advantage.

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