5 Areas Where Business Law Attorneys in Crystal Lake, IL Can Help Clients

Hiring a business lawyer may seem excessive to a small business owner who is used to handling everything without help. However, lawyers can make things much simpler for an overworked business owner. In the article below, readers will learn five things a business attorney with Wilbrandtlaw.com can do that they likely cannot accomplish.

Representation and Externalization

If a business owner has a lawyer on retainer, or they have an in-house legal staff, representation is one of the main benefits of the arrangement. When business law attorneys in Crystal Lake, IL represent a business, they become its legal “face” and take some of the pressure off of the business owner. Whether it is inside or outside the courtroom, a business owner should not self-represent. Hiring a lawyer makes it clear that the business’ problems are those of the company, not the business owner.

Assessment of Injury Suits

When a customer or worker files an injury claim against a company, the owner’s business sense will be worth little in determining the outcome of the case. A business lawyer can assess the validity of such cases based on his or her experience, and they can give the client a good idea of whether the case needs to go to court.

Defense Against Discrimination and Harassment Claims

An employer may be able to create a harassment or anti-discrimination policy, but a lawyer can keep a minor complaint from turning into a full-fledged lawsuit. Without a lawyer’s help, a business owner may find their name in the paper for the wrong reasons.

Advice on Business Organization

Business owners must deal with questions of legal structure and incorporation, but these are the main areas of focus for a business attorney. Relying on a lawyer’s experience pertaining to business organization can save a new business owner from making costly mistakes.

Contract Drafting and Negotiation

Whether it is a partnership agreement or an employment contract, a business lawyer can spot omissions and mistakes an owner may miss. A lawyer can negotiate with other business owners and potential employees over contract revisions.

While small business owners are skilled in many areas, most are lacking in legal knowledge. A business owner should not let his or her self-reliance affect the company, and they should know when to ask for legal advice. By hiring business law attorneys in Crystal Lake, IL, a company owner can spend more time on daily operational tasks.

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