5 Questions to Ask Before Getting an Auto Detail in Baltimore

With the availability of auto detailing services, it can be very difficult to decide who will do the job right. At Diamond, the team has been offering top-quality detailing for years, and they know what separates the professionals from the amateurs. If a potential detailing service cannot answer “Yes” to all five of these questions, the customer should find more information at Diamond Auto Detail.

Are There Different Service Packages Available?

If a detailing service is everything it claims to be, it should offer multiple levels of service to fit all budgets. By finding a company that offers different service tiers, the customer can find the right service for their budget and needs.

Is Detailing Done by Hand?

As opposed to automated detailing, a good Auto Detail in Baltimore does the job by hand every time. Automated car washes may work quicker (and they don’t need a lunch break), but they also cannot tell if they’ve missed any spots. Workers pay attention to detail to ensure a quality job at every step, and they provide a level of service that no machine can match.

Will the Detailer Use a Clay Bar?

Many drivers haven’t heard of such a tool, but the detailer’s clay bar is important to maximize shine before protection and polishing. The clay bar is specifically designed to attract contaminants, dirt and dust like a magnet, leaving a very clean and smooth exterior finish.

Does the Detailer use Hot Water Extraction for Interior Cleaning?

Those with fabric and carpeted interiors should ensure that the detailer cleans them with the proper tools. Grime and dirt get deep into the fabric, but hot water extraction can get the fluid and dirt right out. A hot water extractor is the only way to get the deep clean a customer’s fabric and carpet interior deserves.

Is There a Warranty?

A reliable, professional detailing service should stand behind its work with a warranty. If the company does not offer warranty coverage, the customer should look elsewhere. Diamond is so confident in its services that it offers a solid warranty on every Auto Detail in Baltimore.

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