8 Amazing Ideas to Raise Funds for your School

Are you looking for school fundraising ideas to raise some cash? Take a look at some of our suggestions below.


If you have a compelling goal and an engaging narrative, such as buying new laptops to help students learn to program, then consider setting up an online crowdfunding page. You can quickly spread the word on Facebook and gather money for a worthy cause.


Most students have a favorite family recipe they can contribute. The books can be assembled and created quite easily with modern printing services, and cookbooks fetch a good price when sold.

Cake Sale

This is one of the most popular school fundraising ideas, and for good reason. Parents love to get involved by baking and donating cakes, and students get to indulge their sweet tooth while helping the school.

No Uniform Day

Some schools have a uniform policy, and most kids love the chance to avoid their normal school clothes for a day. Each child brings in a small donation of a few dollars, and this can be repeated a few times each year.

Online Fundraising Store

School fundraising ideas have evolved to keep pace with new technology. One suggestion is to partner with a website that sells items online and offers a very high cut of the profits to the school while also handling payment and delivery. Some sites offer useful products such as bags and utensils; others offer cookie dough and chocolate bars.

School Calendars

Created using class photos and student artwork, these make great gifts for grandparents and other relatives and are often bought by proud parents.

Fashion Show

There are always plenty of students and parents looking for a chance to dress up, and you can raise cash by selling tickets to attend as well as having prize draws during the show.

Bag Packing

Older students and parents help pack shopping at the local supermarket. This is a very effective way of raising cash and there is a lot of competition for available slots offered by big shops, so planning in advance is advisable.

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