A Closer Look At Aircraft Hangar Floor Coatings

Anyone who has worked on airplanes and in aircraft hangars knows the wear and tear on these floors. Not only is there an issue with extremely hot tires on the surface of the floor, which causes many surface coatings to lift, but there are also spills of chemicals and fuels as well as issues with the weight of the aircraft.

To address these issues, epoxy types of aircraft hangar floor coatings have been developed. These are designed to be used in very extreme use types of applications and in all types of conditions.

The Weight Factor

One of the issues with aircraft hangar floor coatings which is different from other industrial types of coatings for concrete floors is the weight of the aircraft. Even for small planes, this is significantly more than typical warehouse equipment such as forklifts. The weight of the aircraft sitting on the floor can create a problem, but the force created as the aircraft moves across the surface, even a very low speed, can damage the bond between the concrete and other types of coatings.

With the use of specially developed aircraft hangar floor coatings, there is a complete bond of the epoxy with the concrete surface. This prevents these types of weight-related issues on the flooring.

Wear and Tear

Airplane hangar will experience a range of different types of wear and tear. Rolling tool boxes, aircraft tow trailers, and foot traffic will always be a consideration. Additionally, spills of oil, fuel and other chemicals used in maintaining and servicing aircraft need to be carefully considered.

Finally, it will be essential to use an epoxy floor coating for aircraft hangars with the ability to cure quickly. There are products on the market ready for full use within hours of application, allowing for limited downtime of the hangar to install a quality floor coating.

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