A Great Escape: Parasailing in Destin Florida

There is plenty of excitement to be had this vacation season. With the summer rolling in, don’t get stuck sitting by the pool, or worse, sitting inside the office all day. There is so much more to explore, and one fantastic way for the summer to take off. Parasailing in Destin Florida may just be the way to begin the summer. Whether heading to the beach for a family vacation, or hitting Florida for a summer tour, few things are as exciting as parasailing. With the salty spray of the Gulf down below, the wind lifting you up above the waves and a gorgeous view, parasailing is a great way to cut loose.

Maybe safety is a concern, as it should be. So don’t just go for a thrill, go into the experience fully informed. Parasailing is done with a high quality canopy wing similar to a parachute. The difference being that a canopy wing gives the pilot more control over the flight than the parachute. However, either can be used. The pilot is harnessed and drawn behind the boat. In this case, the boat acts as an anchor. The pilot of the canopy wing can be let out several hundred feet behind the boat while the wind carries them. Larger, more powerful boats can pull two or even up to three people in one parasailing trip. The boat’s crew has to go through mandatory training in the use of all of the equipment to provide the pilot with the safest, most exciting ride possible.

Just imagine a view of the Emerald Coast as one is parasailing in Destin Florida with one’s friends. Now think, wouldn’t it be great to capture those moments of excitement, terror and amusement? Fortunately, here you can get free pictures and video of the whole journey across the water. Photographers use high quality cameras to capture unique shots of each trip, making each memory that much more unique. For friends and family members who would rather sit back and watch, there may even be room in the boat. Just ask and see. Parasailing is an experience to share. To get answers to any questions about pricing or special events, click to find more info.


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