A Guide to Claiming Compensation

by | Jul 23, 2014 | Personal Injury

Claiming compensation after a personal injury accident is often the best course of action. If you’ve been physically, mentally or emotionally hurt by someone or an organization then you are entitled to compensation. However, the course of action for someone in your position isn’t always clear. You want to claim the compensation you are entitled to, but don,t know how to. Do not worry, plenty of people have been in your position and have come out the other side having successfully claimed compensation. If you are not sure about hiring a personal injury lawyer in PA, or whether you have a right to claim or not, use this easy to follow guide to gain a clear understanding of the key terms and who’s entitled to claim.

What does Personal Injury Actually Mean?

Personal injury can be defined as simply any injury to the victim’s mind, body or emotions, i.e. anything that affects you personally. This does not apply however to any property damage from the victim.

So What is a Personal Injury Lawyer?

A personal injury lawyer is effectively a lawyer who provides legal representation for people who have been injured, physically or mentally or emotionally, by a person, an organization or the government. A personal injury lawyer will normally review your case and based on the likelihood of winning or not accept or decline it. Personal injury lawyers tend to focus their attention on certain parts of personal injury law.

How to Begin a Personal Injury Claim

To begin your claim, you first need to find a firm willing to represent you, not a complicated task as personal injury lawyers in PA come a dime-a-dozen. Finding one that’s right for you is the most important part of your claim, as it’s the lawyer who wins or loses your case, not you. When doing your research look for the following aspects:

• Experience – How long has the firm you’re choosing been operating and how much experience has the actual personal injury lawyer got in the field? You want to know that you’re in safe experienced hands.

• Qualifications – Ask about the lawyer’s qualifications and what associations he/she belongs to. This is key to making sure that your lawyer knows what they are talking about.

• Reputation – How well known is your representative? Within the legal world the better characters are known by more people. So do your own research, every lawyer will have a reputation, find out how high he/she is regarded in their field. A certain reputation can also work against you, if the lawyer you hire has a bad standing within the local courts you’ll end up taking your case through then it could hurt your chances of winning. Make sure you can trust in your lawyer’s reputation and skills.

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