A Social Security Disability Lawyer Helps Clients at Any Stage of the Application and Appeals Process

Because the majority of claims for permanent disability are denied, it can be advisable to hire a Social Security disability lawyer for assistance with the application. The applicant must provide medical verification that they are unable to perform any full-time work, even a sedentary job, for the foreseeable future. The application is complicated and must be completed correctly, or the claim will be denied.

High Denial Rates

Approximately, 70% of initial applications actually are rejected by the Administration. That percentage may sound daunting enough to cause hesitation in a person considering to file. The primary reason for the rejections isn’t connected with any qualifications for disability. It is simply because the paperwork is not filled out correctly.

Appealing Denials

People who are not approved for disability payments have the right to appeal this decision. Research indicates they have a significantly better chance at success if they are represented by a Social Security disability lawyer at the hearing. The appeal must be made within 60 days after claim denial.

Lawyers from an organization such as Social Security Law Center are helpful for several reasons. They are experienced with these applications and they know exactly what the Administration representatives are looking for. They know the types of medical verification that are necessary for approval. If the initial claim is denied, the lawyers may even be familiar with the various judges who preside over the hearings. They can customize their presentations for each particular situation.

A Second Appeal

If self-representation is still desired and the person is denied again at the hearing, there is one more chance to make the case in front of an Appeals Council. Having an attorney is even more essential in this moment.

A Lengthy Process

Once the appealed claim is approved, the person receives back pay all the way to when the initial application was filed. Although the process can take many months and lead to a lot of stress and nail biting, receiving that first big check is a huge relief. Visit Sslcnow.com to learn more about one particular organization that helps with initial applications and appeals of denials.

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