Additional Services Offered By Companies That Handle Furniture Moving in Fort Myers FL

Most people hire a moving team to transport their belongings from their current residence to their future residence. What many people don’t realize, though, is that several other services exist as well. furniture moving in Fort Meyers FL can include repair and assembly if people request it. With options for packing and storage as well, some moving companies do it all.


Individuals, couples, and families looking to move often make sure they get all their packing done themselves. They want to label where certain things are going and ensure they’re packed carefully. Movers can actually handle this task as well. They will use just as much caution when packing these items as the owner would themselves. They also have all the necessary packing supplies to ensure a proper packing job.

Furniture Repair

Since furniture movers are so knowledgeable about furniture, some even handle repair. They can restore any worn or damaged items to like-new conditions. They primarily handle fabric upholstery furniture, such as chairs and couches. Damage from pets, stains, burn marks, or even normal wear and tear can all be handled.

Furniture Assembly

Many people want new furniture, but don’t like the idea of having to assemble it all themselves. Hiring a mover who understands furniture can save people the hassle. A professional can get the furniture not only moved into the preferred space, but they can also get it all put together and set up correctly as well.


Not all items will fit into a new space, especially if a family has downsized. In these cases, people often need to find storage to keep their belongings until they can be used again or sold. Some moving companies offer their own storage solutions so customers can have some of their stuff brought to their new home and the rest brought to the storage facility for safekeeping.

Furniture Moving in Fort Myers FL gets big and small items moved from one home to the next. Contact Ready 2 Move Moving & Storage to get a quote. They offer local and long-distance moves. as well as many other services that can help residents move quickly and efficiently.

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