Advantages of Hydraulic Elevators in Washington, DC

For many decades, hydraulic elevator systems have been the most common and widely used type of elevator system for buildings. They function on the principle of hydraulic force. A pump that is powered by electricity pushes a pressurized hydraulic substance such as oil into a jack lifting system. Within the hydraulic cylinder at the elevator’s base, there is a piston that pushes the elevator car up or down.

Due to their many benefits, hydraulic elevators remain the most installed type of elevator system. The following are some of the benefits of installing Hydraulic Elevators in Washington DC.


Hydraulic elevator systems cost less to install than other types of the elevator system. They are also the most effective option in buildings that require the raising or lowering of heavy loads. This is because the lifting force a hydraulic elevator offers is greater than other types of elevator systems.

Less Space

Hydraulic elevators require less space for installation. This is owing to its hoist way requiring about ten percent less space than other elevator systems. The motor rooms can also be sited in any number of locations, unlike traction elevator systems whose motor room must be at located at the top of the building. This also helps to reduce building costs.

Reduction in the Volume of Noise Produced

Since the motor or machine room that controls the hydraulic elevator system can be sited in any location, it reduces the amount of noise produced when the elevator is in operation. Elevator installation firms tend to install the motor rooms a fair distance away from the shaft. They can be installed in the basement floor.

Design Considerations

Hydraulic elevator systems offer a lot of design freedom to architects and construction engineers. There are no constraints on the shape of the doorways or the elevator car. This enables the architects to design the building in any way they deem fit without having to consider the hydraulic elevator system’s installation requirements.

Building owners who want to install Hydraulic Elevators in Washington DC should engage the services of Elevator Technologies Inc. They offer professional installation, maintenance, and repair services for hydraulic elevators. For more information on their services, please visit the website

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