Aftercare For Surgical Tooth Extraction Dental Care Service In Jackson MI

There are various reasons why individuals need to have oral surgery procedures. Common types of oral surgery include wisdom tooth removal, dental implants and surgical extractions. If you’re scheduled to have a tooth extraction performed by a dentist who provides Dental Care Service in Jackson MI, read the information below to learn about surgery aftercare.

Reducing Pain

When the numbness wears off after having a tooth extracted, patients can apply an ice pack to the outside of the jaw for 20 minutes. Using an ice pack also helps to reduce swelling of the jaw. After waiting 24 hours from the time of the surgery, patients can gently rinse their mouth out using salt mixed with warm water.


After having a tooth extraction, patients should eat soft foods that are not hot for the remainder of the day and the next day. These foods include pudding, ice cream and flavored gelatin. Patients can gradually begin eating solid foods within the next few days. When eating, patients should keep the food away from the side of the mouth where the tooth was extracted.

General Care

When individuals have a tooth extracted, they can still brush and floss their teeth as usual but they should keep the toothbrush and floss away from the extraction site. Patients should avoid any activities that could cause the blood clot to become loose. This includes strenuous exercise, drinking a beverage through a straw, smoking or heavy lifting. The dentist should immediately be notified if the bleeding or swelling worsens within the following days after the surgery. If the patient experiences numbness, extreme pain or has trouble breathing, the dentist should be contacted as soon as possible.

After the procedure, a dentist who specializes in Dental Care Service in Jackson MI will give the patient a list of instructions to follow. A family member or friend should stay with the patient for the first 24 hours after the surgery in case any problems arise. Patients who need to have oral surgery can contact Cynthia A. Rider, D.M.D. for a consultation. Learn about the various types of procedures performed when you click here to get more info about oral surgery.

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