Low maintenance and stability are pivotal for rescue tools

A multipurpose rescue tool provides a raw edge in the vehicle or casualty extrication after a crash, fire break out in an industrial unit or tactical liberation from high rise apartments. Hydraulic rescue tools have come a long way in mitigating risks and overcoming natural operational hazards. They require some sort of training to operate it and maintenance too, to get the best results and perform with high-quality performance.

A stable rescue kit requirement

With many unplanned event and natural crisis around, it isn’t easy to rescue living beings or assets that get stuck in mounds of debris. What’s required are easily available rescue tools that can do the job. As the accidents and natural crisis are not the everyday occurrences. But, a vehicle crashing on a busy freeway or fire accidents etc. have a grim possibility. This is when Hydraulic rescue tools are pressed into action. High quality, performance, and easy handling during operations are pivotal defining standards of such critical equipment. But what sets them apart from the regular cutter, spreader and combination tool kit? The answer lies in the maintenance that gives it a sharp edge. So even if you would not need them every day, they can be inspected periodically. This includes a visual examination, checks for fluid contamination or dirt inside the hose pipes or pumps. Look out for leaks, wear and tear of spreader arms, disruptive noises, and control valves. Ensure that all the protective guards are in good condition for stability during rescue operations.

Switch to low maintenance equipment

With experience and ground zero real operation, eDraulic 2.0 (offered by LUKAS) is the new generation of equipment that packs a punch. It is designed to function in high-level crashes involving future vehicle models. Capable of quick extrication, its light weight and agile performance is the key driver to its speedy performance on site. It has ergonomic functions and has been used by real firefighters too. As for its maintenance, it is extremely easy. These line of rescue tools are developed with a closed system where dirt or any kind of contamination does not enter the tool. It takes care of the basic maintenance of the performing asset.

IDEX Fire & Safety provides high-quality LUKAS rescue tools for ensuring optimum help during times of critical need.

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