Alzheimer’s Care Facility: 4 Ways to Know If It’s the Right One for Your Elderly Loved Ones

More than 1,000 nursing homes have failed to properly file or handle cases involving alleged assault and abuse in nursing homes, CNN reports. That’s a definite eye-opener and one that drives home the importance of making sure you choose the right Alzheimer care facility in Fort Myers FL for your loved one. Here’s how:

Use a referral service

Referral placement companies like Oasis Senior Advisors – Fort Myers helps you save on time, effort and money. It can take a while to check out, confirm and verify every facility in your area or location. This way, you can find qualified facilities with ease.

Pay a visit

When it’s time to decide on a final pick, pay a visit to the facilities to personally see if the place is good choice or not. A well-maintained facility is a must.

Consider the staff

Are there enough to handle the work and residents? Does it seem like the home is overcrowded or just right? What’s the ratio of the staff members to the residents? 5 residents to one staff member is the ideal ratio. Anything more than that could mean your loved one might be at risk of being neglected. That’s the last thing you want to expose your loved one to.

Talk to the residents

Start up a conversation. This is an excellent way to get a gauge on whether the residents are happy or not. Do they seem fearful, skittish and afraid? Or do they seem healthy, fit and content? Whatever conversations you have can influence your decision on whether to go for that Alzheimer care facility in Fort Myers FL or find one elsewhere.

Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease is already hard enough. These tips can, in some measure or extent, provide you with the assistance you need to make things a bit easier. You can also like their Facebook page for more information.

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