An Emergency Dentist Can Easily Repair a Chipped Tooth

Teens often break or chip their teeth when they are playing sports. While they wear their mouth protector playing in league games, they are less careful playing in the park. So a parent shouldn’t be surprised when they walk in the house with a chipped tooth. Since it doesn’t hurt, the teen might think that it’s not important. Bacteria can seep in very quickly and cause a major infection. The parent should call an Emergency Dentist immediately. The office manager will find a space for them in the schedule that day.

The dentist will examine the size and location of the missing enamel. If it’s a small chip, then he will use a drill to clean up the edge and ensure that it contains no bacteria. He will then take resin that matches the tooth enamel and place it on the tooth. The dentist will then shape the resin to match the tooth and the teeth around it. The dentist can also use stains and dyes to improve the color match. When he is satisfied with the appearance, he will shine a safe laser on the tooth. This actives the bonding agent and resin. When they are finished curing, the resin patch will be invisible.

If more substantial damage has been done to the top of the tooth, a dental crown may be necessary to stabilize it. The Emergency Dentist will use a dental drill to shape the remaining upper tooth into a small uniform cube. This will be the base that supports the dental crown. He then take an impression of the cube, the teeth beside it and the teeth above it. This is sent to a dental laboratory. A dental technician will craft a porcelain crown to match the area. He will also follow the dentist’s instructions on color and shading. This ensures that the tooth will blend in with the surrounding teeth. This will take about 10 days. During that time, the patient will have a temporary crown. The dentist will ensure that the crown fits perfectly and blends in with the adjacent teeth. He will then cement it in place. The dental crown will last many years, with the proper care. Click here for further details.

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