Answering Some FAQ’s About Traditional Tattooing in San Diego, CA

Once thought to be something that only sailors or gangsters did, tattoos are now considered an art form that many people are getting into. People get tattoos for just about every occasion one can think of. Some get a tattoo as some sort of college initiation; some get them because they belong to a special group in the military. Some get tattoos because they want to commemorate a deceased loved one. Others get them because they want the name of their significant other on their body. Whatever the reason, tattoos have become all the rage in these times. A parlor that does Traditional Tattooing in San Diego CA have had people from all walks of life getting tattoos. Here are some of the frequently asked questions that come up.

1. The number question is, “Are tattoos safe?” Tattoos are very safe, as long as the person goes to a reputable artist who follows all of the necessary guidelines.
2. Some have actually asked, “Does the tattoo needle hurt?” Asking if the needle hurts from getting a tattoo is like asking will you hurt if you sit on a tack. Of course, there is going to be some minimal pain associated with getting tattoos. However, the artwork that you are left with more than make up for the tiny (and safe) needle pain you will experience. Another factor in determining the level of pain is the area in which you get the tattoo. Getting one on your neck is going to hurt a little more than getting one on your arm, for example.
3. Another question asked is when would be the best time to get a tattoo. Of course, a person can get a tattoo at any time that is best for him or her, but for the sake of protecting your new tattoo and your skin, winter time works better than summer.

Funhouse Tattoo & Piercing are located in the heart of the Pacific Beach area. They have been doing Traditional Tattooing in San Diego CA, using artists with experience in all kinds of tattoos and piercings. You can get more information about their work by visiting their website.

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