Are Dental Implants Right for Your Smile?

Though there are many cosmetic dental concerns that can cause your smile to look unattractive, one of the biggest problems people face is a loss of their natural teeth. Not only does this cause you to be unhappy with the appearance of your smile, but it can also make it difficult for you to be able to eat and enjoy a variety of different foods. To overcome this issue, the dentist can provide you with Dental Implants. These implants will permanently replace any missing teeth in your smile so you can regain your confidence in your appearance.

If you are interested in Dental Implants, it is important you are fully prepared for the process. The entire process takes around six months to accomplish. This will depend on how well you heal after the surgical procedure to place your anchors. Placing the anchors in your gum tissue is crucial for how your implants will look and function. If the anchors are not put in place correctly, they will not have the strength to hold your new teeth in place and allow them to function normally.

To ensure the anchors are strong enough for holding your new teeth, the bonding process must take place. Bonding occurs between the titanium anchors and your bone tissue. This ensures they become a permanent part of your jawbone so they are able to act just like your natural tooth roots. This process will normally take between three and six months to be accomplished. This time length depends on your health and your age.

Once you have healed from your first procedure, you can come back in and have your teeth put in. Each tooth attaches to your anchor so they become permanently bonded. This ensures you have full function of your smile so you can eat all the foods you love and feel fully confident in the appearance of your smile.

If you are missing teeth in your smile, contact the office of Joseph A. Schell D.D.S. S.C and schedule an appointment. They will be happy to help restore your smile so you can regain your beautiful appearance and full function. You can also watch videos on Youtube for more information.





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