Auto Glass; Repair Or Replace?

Whether the bulk of your driving is in the city or on the highway, it is not unusual for a piece of gravel or other debris from the road surface to impact your windshield. Sometimes you are lucky and there is no damage, other times you can end up with a chip right in front of your face. Not only does this chip impede your view, chances are the windshield will begin to crack.

Repair or replace?

In the past any damage meant certain windshield replacement in Chicago, technology has come a long way and replacement is no longer the only option, certain damage can be repaired.

Whether the damage can be repaired or whether the windshield can be repaired depends on the size and location. Professionals can repair chips that are no larger than a quarter and cracks that are no longer than three inches. Anything larger and the professionals will recommend windshield replacement in Chicago as the only viable solution.

Location of the damage:

It is not just the size of the chip or crack that has to be taken into account, the location of the damage is also an important consideration. Cracks that start right at the outer edge of the glass can spread quickly. This has a detrimental impact of the structural integrity of the windshield.

Even though small chips and cracks can be repaired the results are not perfect and there may be a slight distortion when looking through the area. For this reason it is better to replace rather than repair when the damage is in the direct line of vision of the driver.

Regardless of the extent of the damage it is important that repairs are made or a replacement windshield is installed as soon as possible after the damage occurred. Dirt and grime will work its way into the damaged area making repair difficult.

Windshield replacement in Chicago can be done in the shop or in your driveway. Frank’s Auto Glass can repair or replace quickly and economically. Visit them online at

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