Benefits Offered by Dental Implants in Effingham IL

If you have any missing teeth, chances are you are looking for a way to restore your smile. While you have the option of dentures or partials, a more popular and long-term option is Dental Implants in Effingham IL. A dental implant provides a permanent solution for missing teeth that look, feel and function like your natural teeth. Some other benefits offered by dental implants are highlighted here.

Mouth Restored to Original State

With dental implants, your entire tooth will be replaced, including the actual root, which means that the function of your natural teeth is able to be replicated. Additionally, with dental implants, you mouth will not look or feel artificial in any way.

Preserve Your Facial Structure

When you lose teeth, the resorption of your bone will begin, which means that the shape fo your face may be changed. This is even truer when you are missing all of your teeth, since the lower third of your face will collapse. However when Dental Implants in Effingham IL are used, they will not only restore your teeth, but also eliminate the chances of your face changing shape.

Improved Looking Smile

Even when you only have one tooth missing, then the long-term esthetics will be much better when you have an implant where the missing too was. This is even more important for the front portion of your mouth, where being able to prevent any visible bone defects is important for the natural appearance.

No Adjacent Teeth Compromised

Replacing your teeth with the regular tooth-supported bridges will require the teeth nearby the missing tooth to be grinded down so that the bridge is able to be secured in place. Additionally, using partial dentures will require the use of clasps on the adjacent teeth which can put pressure on them and cause damage.

Dental implants offer a number of benefits for people who have one or several missing teeth. You can Browse Site to receive more information regarding dental implants and if they are the right option for your needs. Also, talk with your dental care provider for more information.

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