Black mold remediation and removal

Black mold, also rightfully called Toxic black mold is an infamous form of mold that grows in homes and it can be dangerous to the people in the home. Black mold is a green-black mold that has the texture of gelatin and the only way to determine whether it really is back mold or not is to have it analyzed in a lab by experts. Because it can pose a significant danger to people it is important to undertake black mold removal in South Jersey as quickly as possible. A small area of growth can be removed by the homeowner as long as safety precautions are taken but if the infestation has been allowed to get out of hand then it will be necessary to call a company that specializes in black mold remediation and removal.

It is not difficult to spot this slimy green-black fungus in the home, it will invariably be found in areas which are prone to flooding or have been flooded recently or even and area which is prone to excessive humidity; any source of moisture is what the mold needs to survive. When the mold has been spotted then black mold removal in South Jersey area must be instigated as soon as possible. Most experts in mold removal suggest that black mold removal requires very specific steps to ensure safety; covering the entire body, wearing rubber gloves, goggles as well as a respirator are all needed to eliminate the possibility of ingesting the spores which quickly become airborne when they are disturbed.

If black mold is found the first thing to do is to place dehumidifiers and fans in the area in an effort to dry it out. Large “clumps” of black mold can be removed by pulling it from the surface and disposing of it immediately into a garbage bag. The patches of mold that remain can be removed by scraping using a putty knife. Once the bulk of the mold has been removed the area must be scrubbed using a strong disinfectant and water mix. The garbage bag that contains the mold should be carefully removed from the home, this will ensure that the spores do not escape and begin to repopulate the area.

If the area under attack from the mold is quite large and difficult to get at there are companies that offer professional identification of and black mold removal in South Jersey.

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