Can an Emergency Dentist in Oceanville Help With Implants?

Accidents happen. Luckily, people live longer and maintain good health. Still, the increase in life expectancy remains a challenge for health professionals who continue to strive to preserve the quality of life. One of the most important technological advances in this regard have been for Dental Implants. Recovering lost teeth in the most natural way possible, restoring its functionality and imitating their aesthetic appeal has been a challenge. But, if you have lost teeth and want to restore dental function then visiting an Emergency Dentist in Oceanville is your next step.

Using artificial roots

The technique used for dental implants is to replace the tooth root with an artificial titanium root that osteo-integrates into the jawbone. It is then covered with a prosthesis that perfectly mimics the shape of the missing tooth. This solution is a great improvement over traditional dentures.

More advantages of dental implants

In addition to recovering the ability to chew and the aesthetics of a comfortable and natural tooth, dental implants prevent bone resorption of edentulous and changes in muscle systems. No less important is the psychological factor involved in this type of restoration. The patient gains the peace of mind that teeth appear natural, helping them regain self-esteem that was lost. Not to mention, improvement in speech and hygiene is also present.

Surgery without discomfort

The placement of a dental implant is becoming less invasive and does not involve any discomfort for the patient. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, which prevents any kind of pain. After surgery, it can cause inflammation that are controlled with medications.

Lost teeth in one day

Thanks to advances in the treatment of dental implants, it’s now possible to restore teeth in a single day. If tooth loss has occurred without infection and the patient maintains good bone density, it’s possible to place implants and crown in one intervention, which is known as immediate loading. Otherwise, the patient will receive a temporary crown for the most comfortable hold. Your local Emergency Dentist in Oceanville can provide you with more details about this procedure.

Teeth for life

Besides having a 98% success rate, dental implants performed in dental clinics have very lasting results over time. At present, there are patients who carry some implants 30 years or more, indicating that improved techniques get lifetime results. For more information contact your local emergency dentist in Oceanville today.

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