Chiseled Travertine Tiles: They Aren’t Just for Floors

Travertine is a beautiful type of limestone that is deposited near mineral springs, especially hot springs. Because of their elegant beauty and the warm, inviting look they create, chiseled travertine tiles are often used in home renovations and new home constructions. They come in earth tones, ranging from ivory to cream to honey to rich brown. They never appear as one solid color, however. The tones vary while bands of contrasting colors are marbled throughout the stone. Many people hear the word “tile” and assume that chiseled travertine tiles are just for kitchen and bathroom floors. These people could not be more wrong. Chiseled travertine tiles can, in fact, be used throughout your home.

Chiseled Travertine Tiles in the Foyer

Most people select hardwood floors for all of the living areas of their home except the kitchen and bathroom. However, you can easily create a dramatic entrance by using chiseled travertine tiles in the foyer. Whether you have a traditional home or a more modern one, travertine will look amazing and impress your guests with its rustic yet sophisticated beauty.

Chiseled Travertine Tiles in the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart and soul of your home. Most families gather in the kitchen more than any other room of the house. Make your kitchen a showstopper with chiseled travertine tiles! Of course, they can be used on the floors. But, you can also choose smaller tiles to create a stunning backsplash. You can even create breathtaking countertops out of chiseled travertine tiles that will make everyone who enters your home envious.

Chiseled Travertine Tiles in the Bathroom

Just like in the kitchen, chiseled travertine tiles will create a warm, inviting bathroom when placed on the floors and countertops. But, did you know you can easily transform your shower stall from ordinary and boring to elegant and luxurious with chiseled travertine tiles? Set them on a diagonal to create a gorgeous diamond pattern that will instantly elevate your bathroom to a much higher level.

Chiseled Travertine Tiles Outside

Travertine isn’t just for your indoor spaces. Chiseled travertine tiles look incredible outside, as well, and will add a new level of sophistication to your home. Because it is a natural stone, travertine will not fade in the sun and will age beautifully. In fact, it will last forever! Use chiseled travertine tiles to create a charming pathway through your garden or to create a lovely raised flower bed. You can even use them to pave your driveway or create an exquisite patio or pool deck.

Travertine comes in such varieties of color and marbling that you can use chiseled travertine tiles throughout your home without it looking like it is overdone or overused.

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