Choosing the Best Meeting Rooms in Columbia, MO

When charged with making plans for an upcoming workshop, there is the need to find the right spaces for each of the sessions. By preparing a list of what features those Meeting Rooms in Columbia MO must have, it will be easier to find the right venue. Here are some examples of what to include on the list.

Seating Capacity

One of the key elements to consider with Meeting Rooms in Columbia MO is the number of people who can occupy the spaces comfortably. Along with the people, think about how much room is needed for audio-visual equipment, displays, and chairs. If tables are needed so the attendees have a surface to use for taking notes, that must be considered as well. Err on the side of caution and book rooms that are a little larger than needed. Doing so will ensure there’s space for anything that was left out of the initial planning.

Plenty of Outlets

There will be the need to have access to plenty of power outlets. Think of all the equipment needed, such as projection screens and tablets or laptops to supply the feed for the screenings. Those devices will only operate on battery power for so long. Having plenty of outlets means not running extension cords across the floor and running the risk of someone tripping over them.

Adjustable Lighting

During the course of the meetings, there may be times when it’s necessary to dim the lights for presentation. There also needs to be plenty of lighting when the presentation is over and the time comes for group discussions. Along with plenty of natural light that can be blocked with draperies, make sure the overhead lighting can be dimmed or turned off when necessary.

Before booking any rooms for an upcoming event, take the time to find out everything there is to know about them. Contact the team at StayBridge Suites and arrange to inspect the meeting rooms available. It will not take long to confirm that they have everything needed, lock in the dates for the meetings, and move on to other aspects of the planning.

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