Choosing Unique Photo Setups for Wedding Photography

Often, Wedding Photography is far more than just candid photographs during the ceremony and reception. The couple might want to look into having a photo shoot before or after the wedding to have photos to send out with the engagement announcement, to display in their home, or to simply remember all of the special people there to celebrate their big day. No matter what type of photo they’re looking for, they’re going to want to keep a few things in mind.

The Lighting of the Photo

The lighting of the photo can alter the mood and make an otherwise fantastic photo look dull or uninteresting. Backlit photos can offer a unique style, but they might not be appropriate for all situations. The person should consider how the light is going to hit their face, outfit, and more to ensure there are no shadows that are going to detract from their appearance. Using specialty photo props can help redirect the light so they can get the photo they want.

The Background of the Photo

The background, while it isn’t the main focus of the photo, is going to still be a significant aspect. It takes up much of the space of the photo and is going to be noticed, especially if something looks out of place. It’s important to consider what parts of the background will be included in the photo as well as how in or out of focus the background will be. Playing around with the focus and bokeh in the background can have amazing effects. This can make the main subject stand out more or bring their eyes into a sharp focus to draw the viewer to them.

Of course, a professional photographer is going to keep these in mind as well to help the couple get the perfect photo for their engagement. They’ll be able to give the photographer their ideas and work closely with them on the Wedding Photography so they can get the exact photos they want. Remember, it’s important to play around using the considerations above to get an assortment of photos so you can choose the ones you really love. Click Here for more information or to find a photographer to work with.

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