Choosing Your Corporate Apparel Vendor

If you’re new to buying corporate apparel, you may wonder where to even begin. Fortunately, there are plenty of vendors who can provide corporate apparel for your business. Here are some things to know when looking for a vendor.

* Ask what printing options your vendor provides. Some vendors provide only screen-printing, while others also provide custom embroidery. It’s a good idea to choose a vendor that can provide both even if you only need one of these services now. Over time you will probably choose to use both screen-printing and embroidery for your apparel.

* Ask about the items they carry for printing. See if your vendor can get the shirts, hats, and other corporate apparel items you need for you. This makes the process more convenient and often saves money. Be certain to ask about any specific hat or shirt brands you desire.

* Compare pricing. While you shouldn’t choose your corporate apparel vendor solely on the basis of price, you should choose a vendor who offers competitive and fair pricing.

* Ask about setup requirements and charges. There will be a setup required of your corporate logo before printing the first items. Different vendors have different requirements and pricing. Be sure you understand exactly how this works with a particular vendor before you purchase.

* Ask about lead times. For most vendors, lead times vary based on whether or not your item is special order and how busy they are with other orders. However, in most cases, a vendor should be able to give you an average lead-time.

With these tips in mind, you should have no trouble finding the perfect vendor for all your corporate apparel needs. The right vendor makes it simple and cost effective to get all the logo apparel your company could ever want.

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