Comparing New Trucks in Appleton, WI

by | Nov 28, 2014 | Automotive

When you go to look at New Trucks in Appleton WI, your main concern may be its towing capacity or the way it looks. Anytime you purchase a new vehicle, however, you need to be considering a number of things, rather than focusing on one or two aspects of the truck. You’re making an investment in your future and you must remember this at all times. The following are a few of the factors to consider as you compare New Trucks in Appleton WI.

Size Trucks typically come in two types: compact and full-size. These terms are relative however. You’ll find you can purchase a full size truck with a short bed or long bed or a compact vehicle with an extended bed. Determine what you wish to haul with the vehicle and move forward from there.

Cab In addition, you’ll find you have a choice of cab designs. In the past, most trucks came with a regular cab, one with two doors and room for two or three people to ride. Now you may choose an extended cab, one that either allows for extra cargo to be carried in the cab or one that seats three additional people. With this type of cab, you will likely find it comes with rear clams-hell doors although some have small, front-hinged doors. Crew cabs are ones with four full sized doors and room to seat between five and six with plenty of arm and leg room.

Engine Size Most trucks come with six cylinders, especially full size models. Be aware that you can choose from four, five, six, and eight cylinder models. Compare the fuel economy of various models to ensure you aren’t unpleasantly surprised at the gas pump. Some opt for diesel engines as they tend to offer better mileage.

Towing Ability Choose a compact and you’ll likely be able to pull between 3,000 and 7,000 pounds. Opt for a full size version and towing capacity usually runs around 8,000 and 10,000 pounds. If you need something with more towing ability, you’ll need to go with a heavy-duty full-size model. Models with a fifth wheel connection can pull as much as 30,000 pounds, based on various factors.

With many New Trucks in Appleton WI to select from, you’re sure to find one you love. Be sure to compare other features too, such as the interior and fuel economy. Doing so ensures you get a vehicle you love. Visit their website for more information on new trucks and their prices.

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