Considering Different Options For Vinyl Flooring

After comparing many solutions, the homeowner has decided to go with Vinyl Flooring for the kitchen, the hallway, and the bathroom. While that’s a major decision, there are still plenty more that need to be made before the installation begins. Here are some points to settle before the flooring is ordered and an installation date is set.

Thinking About Color

Unless there’s a uniform color scheme used throughout the house, there’s a good chance that the color of the Vinyl Flooring used in the kitchen will be different from the color used in the bathroom or hallway. Approach each area of the house with a fresh outlook. What color would look best in the kitchen? Perhaps picking up one of the minor colors used in the wallpaper would be a good idea. In the hallway, consider a color that helps to make the smaller space a little more expansive. In the bathroom, a color that works well with the tile is just what the client needs.

What About Patterns?

While solid colors do work well for flooring, there’s no rule that a pattern can’t be used. In fact, it may be just what a room needs to add some visual interest. The only way to know for sure is to take a look at some patterns and see how they could work in the space.

For example, a pattern for the vinyl floor in the kitchen can be helpful in a couple of ways. The pattern is less likely to show dirt in a room that sees quite a bit of action. In between mopping, the floor will still look nice. That pattern can also be used to visually unify the space by picking up the colors used for the walls, the major appliances, and the countertops.

Now is a great time to talk with the team at Carpet Discount Warehouse and learn more about how vinyl can be the ideal flooring solution in many parts of the house. Take a look at all the features and ask plenty of questions. It won’t take long to find the right color or pattern, order enough product for the job, and look forward to enjoying those floors for years to come. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates!

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