Contact Wearers Should Meet with Optometrist in Colorado Springs CO About Best Way to Care for Lenses

There are several advantages to wearing contact lenses including not having to worry about breaking your glasses. If you don’t properly care for your lenses, though, you could end up getting an eye infection and requiring the assistance of an Optometrist in Colorado Springs CO area to cure it. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recently released some statistics about how poorly contact wearer are caring for their lenses. Here’s more information about the agency’s study and tips on reducing your risk of getting an eye infection from contacts.

The CDC Study

According to the agency, about 81 percent of people surveyed slept in their contact lenses. The problem with this is it doesn’t give the eyes the opportunity to wash away they bacteria that may have accumulated under the lenses. Additionally, contacts reduce the amount of oxygen your eyes get, which can lead to sensitivity in the corneas if you wear your contacts for too long.

Another problem the CDC found was another 81 percent of participants didn’t use fresh solution to clean their lenses. They only topped off what was already in the case. Contact lens solution is designed to sterilize contacts and keep them moisturized. Harmful organisms can accumulate in the used solution and invade the lenses again, which is why it’s critical to use new solution each time you store your contacts.

Some people used tap water to clean their contact lenses, but even this is problematic because tap water is not pure. In addition to containing bacteria, tap water typically has minute levels of minerals and other contaminants that can irritate or damage eyes. You should always use a contact lens solution recommended by an optometrist.

Reducing Your Risk of Eye Infection

Unless your contacts are specifically designed to be worn for long periods of time, you should remove them before going to bed to give your eyes a rest. Make a habit of pouring out the old solution when you put your contacts in to force yourself to refill your storage case with the fresh solution when taking your lenses out.

Always wash your hand before putting your contacts in. If one should fall on the floor, rinse it off with a solution instead or tap water.

For more information about caring for your contacts, talk to an Optometrist in Colorado Springs CO or one close to you.

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