Creating a Monument or Gravestone: The Role of Sand Blasting in New Haven

One of the smartest moves anyone can make is to work with professionals to manage all the end of life arrangements. This includes choosing the design and other features of a headstone or monument. In many instances, sand blasting in New Haven will be used in the creation of that stone. Here are some of the ways that the blasting will help produce the effect that the client has in mind.

Shaping the Stone

One of the processes used to shape the stone or monument is Sand Blasting in New Haven. With a steady hand, the professional will be able to shape the granite or other material into whatever design the customer has in mind. This can be as simple as smoothing the edges or creating some sort of pattern around those edges. The blasting is always under control, making sure that the final product is just the right height, shape, and width.

Inscribing the Monument

Sand blasting is also part of the process used to create the inscription on the stone. This involves settling on the element and then creating a rubber stencil that will fit over the surface. Once the stencil is firmly in place, the professional can control the blasting so that the words and other details are etched into the material. Only after every last detail is finished will the rubber stencil be moved out of position. In the best case scenario, there will be little to no adjustments needed. The stone and the inscription will be exactly what the client wants.

Adding Details Later

While much of the detail can be inscribed ahead of time, there is the matter of adding the death date. Even if the stone is already mounted at the cemetery, a professional will have the equipment needed to manage the job properly. Once again, a rubber stencil is used to ensure the death date matches the size and font design used for the other detail.

For help with the selection and design of a headstone or monument, visit and arrange to speak with a member of the team. It will not take long to go through some of the options and settle on the combination that is to the taste of the client and ensure every detail is worked out and followed to the letter.

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