Customized Designs and Landscaping in Hartford CT

There is more to Landscaping in Hartford CT than planting a few flowers or mowing the lawn during the summer. Whether the space is small or big, residential or commercial, customized designs can unlock the potential of the yard. It can be inviting, relaxing, comfortable, and impressive all at the same time, when designed professionally. The yard will boost the curb appeal, increase the property value, make the home the envy of the street, or attract new customers and clients to the business. A small space, for example, can appear cluttered and overgrown with too many flowers, or shrubs of the wrong height. Designers know the proper mix of colors and heights, can balance trees and flowers, and design a yard that reflects the owner’s tastes.

A larger space may look great with a walkway, a water element in the yard, or several shade trees. Backyards can benefit from a deck, patio, pool, gazebo, outdoor kitchen, or a fireplace. Retaining Walls at The FEB Companies, for example, can turn inclines and uneven spaces into useful and beautiful places with built-in grills, extra seating, or pathways that lead around the home or building. Commercial Landscaping in Hartford CT can help a business stand out from the competition, present a professional entrance, and be more inviting to potential customers. That can translate into more sales, more clients, and higher revenues.

Landscaping in Hartford CT can include customized designs, planting or re-planting of flowers, trees, and shrubs, and mulching and maintenance of the grounds. Seasonal clean-ups, plowing, ice management, sanding, and salting of surfaces are also offered. Outdoor work includes excavating, complete concrete and asphalt work, installation of patios, pools, retaining walls, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, and water features. Installation and repair of septic tanks and drainage solutions are also available. Construction services include site planning, and site management to ensure proper permits and approvals are obtained, and that the project is completed within time specifications and budgets. Having one company that can handle all outside work that may be needed or wanted for homes and businesses can save owners a lot of time and money on all their projects. Get more information.

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