Did You Use An Elevator Today?

An elevator is something few people ever think about. They just push the call button, wait for doors to open, and step inside. It is done by millions of people throughout the day and night. No one gives it a second thought, until it breaks down. Then it is a major problem. It is inconvenient at best and can be dangerous in some cases. People may be trapped in a broken elevator, disabled people may be stranded on a floor, and injuries can occur. Proper maintenance by experienced technicians can help prevent breakdowns. It can also save time and money.

Elevator Technologies Inc. provides sales, installation, repairs, and maintenance of residential and commercial elevators in Virginia, Maryland, and D.C. They offer maintenance contracts for every component of an elevator. The doors, the interior, the motors, the shaft, the hydraulic systems, and cabling are all covered in plans. Inspections are conducted regularly, and emergency service for repairs is available 24/7. To avoid a system shut down, there are issues that should be reported immediately. Slow response time, an unexplained increase in energy use, any hesitations, a sudden smell, and any jerky motions can be an indication of a problem. Having it checked out quickly can save time and money, and keep all the elevators moving. Inspections, repairs, and maintenance can be scheduled around the needs of the business or tenants. Minor repairs may result in only one or two elevators being temporarily turned off. That can be arranged during down times or when there is less traffic in the building.

There are a few different types of elevators from which to choose. A high traffic system is ideal for buildings with several floors that are used constantly throughout the day and night. Apartment buildings, for example, benefit from that type of elevator. Heavy-duty systems are needed for freight, equipment, and hospital beds. Energy efficient ones are great for smaller buildings and private homes. They help keep operational costs to a minimum. Representatives from Elevator Technologies Inc. can help home, building, and business owners select the best elevator system to suit the needs and the budget of the project. Customers can visit the website to set up an appointment.

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