Discover the Benefits of Cool Roofing In Santa Monica

Cool roofs seem to increase in popularity every year. While homeowners are becoming more aware of the advantages, these roofs have been saving money for owners of commercial buildings for some time. Air conditioned buildings benefit from cost savings and by extending the life of the air conditioning systems. Buildings without air conditioning are cooler, with interior temperatures remaining more constant.

How Does a Cool Roof Work?

A cool roof reflects sunlight, radiating the heat from the roof. This cooler roof reduces how much heat is conducted into the building. Imagine working outside on a hot day while wearing a black T-shirt, and how much hotter it would feel than if wearing a white T-shirt. Generally, cool roofs are white, as this is the most efficient reflective color. However, other colors are available and still very reflective, but not quite as much so as white.

How Does the Price of a Cool Roof Compare to a Conventional Roof?

Cool Roofing In Santa Monica will cost less than half as much as a new built-up roof system. Application is fast and easy.

Do Commercial Cool Roofs Require Commercial Roof Repair?

Cool Roofing In Santa Monica should be protected with a maintenance program designed to keep the roofs clean. This allows for maximum reflectivity and extends roof life. Since the roofs are thin, they do not last as long as a conventional roof. Every 8 to 12 years, the roofs must be re-coated.

What are the Benefits of a Cool Roof?

Air conditioning utility bills will be reduced while the interior of the building is more comfortable. The a/c unit will not have to work as hard. The roof is easily maintained while always looking good. In some areas, there may be utility rebates available.

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