Disputes About Benefit Eligibility Can Be Resolved by a Workers Compensation Attorney in Ft. Pierce FL

Sometimes a Workers Compensation Attorney in Ft. Pierce FL becomes necessary because an employee’s accident was not directly related to his or her job. The employer or the insurer providing the benefits may dispute the claim on these grounds, but the law may actually favor the employee. If the accident occurred on workplace property, benefits should be paid, even if the employee was on break or not doing any tasks related to work. The same is true if the employee was off the job site but doing an activity related to work.

For instance, a worker who uses stairs to get to a lunch room may slip and fall on the stairs and suffer an injury. The employer or insurer may dispute the claim for various reasons. There may be attempts to show that the worker was careless, such as using a cell phone while on the stairs or sprinting up or down the staircase. A Workers Compensation Attorney in Ft. Pierce FL interviews the employee to determine exactly what happened before proceeding with the appeal. If witnesses saw the person being careless on the stairs, it may be difficult to overcome the claim denial. However, if these are baseless allegations, the worker should have an excellent chance at receiving benefits.

Another situation involves a somewhat opposite situation. The employee was injured away from workplace property but while doing a required work task. For example, this individual may be an office worker who must bring outgoing mail to the closest post office each day. If the person is injured in a car accident that occurs during this job duty, he or she should qualify for workers comp benefits while recovering. Again, the dispute may focus on possible carelessness or neglect on the part of the driver.

Lawyers with a firm such as Matheson Horowitz & Devonmille are ready to answer questions and evaluate the case. In some instances, dispute resolution sessions may be arranged if matters are unclear. The employee may be required to have another physical exam conducted by a doctor of the insurer’s choosing. The entire process can be somewhat lengthy, but having professional legal representation streamlines it as much as possible.

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