Divorce Mediation in River Forest is Often a Better Solution

Every marriage, and every divorce, is unique. What is almost universally true, though, is that people are hurt and shaken during the period where they are trying to dissolve their marriage so that they can move on with their lives. While there are sometimes substantial disagreements that require going to court to have a judge make the final decision, it is often the case that Divorce Mediation River Forest is a solution that works out better for both sides.

The Divorce Mediation River Forest itself is almost always faster and less costly than going to court to have matters handled by a judge. While the relationship is obviously not in good shape, it’s a chance for two people who do know each other well to sit down and try to come up with a fair agreement. Both will usually have an understanding of what they value themselves and what the other values. In situations that are basically amicable, and particularly when there aren’t many joint assets to divide, it can become a very quick way of sorting through the lingering issues of how to deal with the connections created by the marriage so that both can move forward.

It’s also an approach that’s good for a couple’s ability to continue to jointly parent their children. Children who have been through a divorce aren’t necessarily going to suffer long term damage from it. They’re actually generally better off dealing with their parents being separated than trying to cope with being trapped in a household with two adults who resent one another and fight frequently. The children do suffer, though, when the parents continue to resent and undermine each other for years. Working through the division of assets and custody in a Divorce Mediation River Forest sets a much more positive and cooperative tone than the adversarial process in court.

Divorce Mediation River Forest is about helping couples to come to an agreement that is beneficial to both of them. The mediator doesn’t work for or promote either side or provide advice to either party. His or her only role is to try to facilitate the discussions and offer ideas that will help move them both toward a mutually agreeable arrangement without having to go through the expense and stress of heading to court.

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