Do-It-Yourselfer’s Guide to Paving Stones in Suffolk County vs. Concrete Slabs

A new season usually brings with it new home improvement projects to tackle. Honey-do lists abound, and those lists most likely contain curb appeal maintenance and new outdoor space construction. In fact, outdoor spaces are becoming increasingly popular for the Do-It-Yourselfer. From Paving Stones in Suffolk County to privacy fencing, beautifying your home has become part of the American Dream. If you are on a mission to add beauty and function to your outdoor space, here are a few tips on choosing the best materials for your DIY project.

Material vs. Cost

Choosing the right material for the exterior spaces can often be the biggest hurdle for homeowners wanting to improve their outdoor spaces. For most homeowners, choosing the material that best compliments the exterior of the home is the deciding factor, although some choose based on price alone.

The most important factors for any home improvement project should be whether the improvement will increase the resale value of the home and whether the project will prove to stand the test of time and weather. Those who choose the least expensive materials will sometimes come to realize that those choices prove to be more costly than spending the money for quality materials in the beginning. Any material being exposed to the elements will need to be durable as well as beautiful. Two of the best materials to use for any outdoor space are paving stones and concrete.

Paving Stones vs. Concrete Slab

When it comes to concrete vs. paving stones, the decision is mainly personal preference. Both materials are durable, beautiful and can easily be installed in a single DIY weekend project. Both materials have an equal amount of pros and cons, so installation depends on what the homeowner is more comfortable with.

While Paving Stones in Suffolk County can run you a little over 14 percent more than concrete materials, damaged pavers are easier to replace or hide because of their uniform color. Concrete slabs are fairly easy to install and can be shaped and stained in any color or style the homeowner wishes. Concrete material is stronger and much harder than paving stones, but it does not hold its color as well as a paving stone does and repairing concrete requires a few more steps than simply replacing a broken paver.

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