Do You Own a Cat? Then You Will Appreciate Local Maid Service in Oxford

Any cat owner can appreciate maid service in Oxford. After all, cats spit up hairballs and can leave their “mark” at times on furniture or carpeting, all which gives the homeowner more reason to secure local maid services for cleaning.

However, it is hard to relegate your cat to living in one room in order to keep your home spotless and clean. After all, part of owning a cat is the joy that he brings to you and your family. So if he makes some “mistakes” every now and then, you can forgive him, especially when you can rely on a maid service in Oxford to regularly clean your house.

Make Sure Cleaning is Done with HEPA-Endorsed Vacuums

It is imperative, if you own a cat or dog, that you utilize a maid service in Oxford that regularly uses pet-friendly vacuums and cleaning products. For example, cats leave behind a good deal of dander.

Therefore, you want to make sure that your service provider uses vacuum cleaners that are HEPA certified. HEPA vacuum cleaners and filters must meet rigorous cleaning standards with respect to removing pet dander and hair. The vacuums are designed to catch 97% of the allergens in the air.

So, when you are making a choice for a maid service in Oxford, make sure that the company uses HEPA-approved vacuums as well as other allergy-resistant cleaning cloths and substances.

Vacuuming Frequency

According to cleaning experts, vacuuming should be done at least once per week for each person and large pet in a household. Therefore, if you own, say, two cats, and you and two other family members reside in your house, vacuuming should take place every other day. Vacuuming should cover all those spaces where your cat or cats are given access.

Limit Access in the Daytime Hours

If your cat has a favorite piece of furniture where he likes to relax, place a towel on the upholstery where he frequently rests. Remove and wash the covering weekly. Should your cat nestle in the bed covers, limit his access during the day, all which can cut down on frequent vacuuming. Place a small blanket or rug on the spot on the bed where your cat likes to sleep.

Keep Your Flooring and Carpeting Track-Free

At the entry of the door that your pet enters or exists, keep some old towels at the site to dry off morning dew or mud. Keep a small container of water at the portal during the winter months to remove any salt off the paws. And, in the interim, schedule regular maid service to keep things extra clean.

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