Don’t Tempt Fate: Have Your Heating and Cooling in Hoover Inspected before Problems Arise

Summer has yet to officially begin, but high temperatures already have air conditioning units working overtime. As usual, the next several weeks promise to see a number of systems breaking down just when their owners need them most. If you haven’t already called in a professional to check out your heating and cooling in Hoover, now might be a good time to schedule an appointment. Before the technician arrives, you can take a few steps to make the inspection go a little faster and smoother.

First of all, grass clippings, leaves left over from autumn, debris from spring storms and spider webs may have built up on your exterior unit. They’ll hamper the flow of air through your system and potentially cause electrical components in the unit to burn out long before their time. In most cases, spraying the unit with your garden hose is enough to remove all these unwanted elements. If anything lingers afterward, it can be wiped away with a broom or cleared off by hand.

Making sure no tall grass or unruly shrubbery crowds your exterior unit is also important. Hedge trimmers, your lawn mower or a weed eater, will come in handy here. If you’re using a weed eater, though, try to be careful. While these are helpful tools, they can damage the fins on the air conditioning unit just as easily as they can shred your vinyl siding.

Inside your home, you may want to consider cleaning or changing the air filters. They’re likely to be clogged with dirt, dust and pollen at this point. If you have indoor pets, fur presents an even bigger problem. Keeping clean filters in place will increase the efficiency of your heating and cooling in Hoover as well as help extend the life of your unit. Technicians are fully capable of performing this task during their inspections, but you can easily do it yourself at regular intervals without the need for professional assistance.

Your home heating system is probably the last thing on your mind right now, but allowing a technician to give it a checkup and tuneup now could help prevent problems once cold weather regains its grip on the nation. Having your heating and air condition inspected and maintained regularly can keep your family more comfortable and ensure you get the most out of your unit. Contact Alatec Heating And Cooling to schedule your inspection.

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