Eliminate an Old or Ugly Roof Using Residential Roofing in Harrisburg PA

by | Oct 14, 2015 | Roofing Contractor

When driving around and looking at homes, the first thing that many people see is the roof. This can be a disaster if the roof is aging or damaged. In many cases, the quality of the roof can dramatically reduce the value of the building. Of course, there are multiple ways to fix this problem. The most common is replacement Residential Roofing in Harrisburg PA. That is, the roofer will remove the old shingles and roofing felt and install a similar product in their place. The common asphalt shingle is a three-tabbed product that comes in multiple grades. The grade will affect the durability and service life of the product. The typical, budget shingle should last about fifteen years while a high quality shingle could survive twenty-five years of service.

Alternatives to asphalt include composite shingles, fiber-cement tiles and steel roofing. Steel roofing varies by use. When steel is used in commercial applications, it is usually heavier gauge. This is necessary to handle the strain that may be placed on the roof. For residential purposes, the steel is usually a stamped sheet of metal with a galvanized coating. This makes the roofing easy to install with excellent coverage and extreme durability. Steel roofing is galvanized with zinc for corrosion resistance and zinc-aluminum to reduce corrosion in a high salt area. One benefit to the use of stamped steel is the ability to place it over an existing asphalt roof. For this particular task an expert in Residential Roofing in Harrisburg PA will need to place battens on the roof to anchor the steel in place. Click here for more details about the residential roofing in Harrisburg, PA.

No matter which type of Residential Roofing in Harrisburg PA you have installed, it is important to remember that the roof needs an occasional inspection. The homeowner can get a cursory glance at the condition of the roof, but it takes an expert to find many of the more serious issues. Problems such as slow leaks can cause serious concerns since even a trickle of water over an extended period of time can cause wood to rot. To learn more about roof repair or replacement contact the experts at Allied Roofing And Sheetmetal Inc.

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