Exterminators Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Bed bug infestation is increasingly becoming a common problem in households. Unlike in the past, when Bed Bugs were associated with crowded and dilapidated housing conditions, they are now found in the cleanest residences. The reasons for their emergence in such clean environments have been attributed to increased travelling and movement of luggage that might be infested. Once you become suspicious of a bed bug infestation, try to locate where they are hiding and assess the degree of infestation. Inspection of the adjacent rooms and buildings is also necessary. It is a demanding task that might require you to hire Triple AAA American Exterminators.

Professional bed bug controllers come prepared with relevant tools for inspection and treatment. They carry vacuums, steam machines, monitors and pesticides. A thorough inspection of items such as pillowcases, bed linen, sheets, box springs and seams of mattresses is conducted. Any evidence of Bed Bugs, like fecal staining, unhatched eggs, and skins are examined. Once the inspection is complete, initial treatment is done using safe and less toxic chemicals. You might be required to encase the mattress and remove any clutter around that area. The experts will also advise you on the proper ways of laundering your bedding. A follow-up inspection is usually done after two to three weeks.

It is important that you hire qualified and efficient exterminators. Here are some tips to consider when hiring professional exterminators.

1. They should be well established, with experience in pest control and related activities.

2. They should be licensed, registered and certified to work in your state. To ascertain this information, check online reviews and government licensing authorities.

3. A single treatment may not be enough to kill all the bed bugs. Therefore, the exterminator should be willing to make follow-up inspections.

4. Before hiring the exterminator, call and discuss the treatment methods they use. If toxic pesticides are used, they should explain how the chemicals will be applied and any effects they might have on pets, children and the elderly.

5. Asking friends and neighbors about exterminators they might have used before, as it could be helpful in getting the right expert.

Although there is no evidence of diseases caused by bed bugs, their bites might cause allergic reactions in some people. These reactions include asthma and hives. Their bites also cause red, itchy skin, which might swell. Lastly. the bugs have stink glands that leave odors.

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