Family Dentists in Park Ridge, IL Give Patients the Smile of Their Dreams

Selecting one of the Family Dentists in Park Ridge IL is an important decision for people. They should pick a dentist that provides a wide range of services. These include preventative cleanings and screenings, general dentistry treatments such as filling cavities, cosmetic procedures and a rapid response to dental emergencies. Regular dental cleanings can prevent many cavities and gum disease. Patients who suffer from heart disease must guard against gum disease. The same bacteria that affect gums can cause problems for the heart. Dentists also screen for oral cancer. They find this serious disease more frequently than any other medical professional. Patients who are diagnosed early have the best chance of survival.

People with healthy teeth want them to look their best. If a person was born with many misshapen teeth, they may not like to smile or even talk with strangers. This can affect both their personal and professional life. Once they have established a relationship with one of the Family Dentists in Park Ridge IL, they may feel comfortable talking to her about it. She can recommend dental veneers to solve the problem easily. In just a few visits, the patient will have a smile to be proud of. Veneers are very thin covers that fit over the front of the teeth. They are about as thick as a contact lens.

The dentist uses a chemical to remove a small amount of tooth enamel. This allows the veneer to it properly sit on the tooth and fit into the gums. Once the enamel has been removed the dentist takes an impression of the teeth. This is sent to a laboratory where a dental technician designs porcelain veneers. This process can take about 10 days. During that time, the dentist provides temporary veneers for the patient to wear. Dental veneers can also be made of resin. Many patients prefer porcelain because they think they look more like natural teeth. Once the veneers are cemented into place, the patient will have attractive teeth and the smile of their dreams. Patients who would like to know more about dental care and dental veneers can contact . This is one of the dental practices in the area that provide these services.

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